Alyson Bath in Girl House

As far as slasher flicks go, this one isn’t bad. While the plot and dialogue are exactly what you’d expect, the production values are high and the actors are all game. This is a B movie, but at the very high end of B movies. Call it a B+ movie. It probably could have been released in theaters around Halloween and done well for itself.

If I was judging it against every other mainstream movie I’ve seen this year I’d have to give it two stars, but Roger Ebert taught us that we shouldn’t do that– we should judge a movie for what it is and what it’s trying to be. In that light I give it three stars.

One oddity of its release is that, while the dialogue is all in English, all text in the movie is in Dutch, which you’ll see in the clip at the bottom if you decide to watch it.

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Jane March sex scenes in Color of Night

This movie, and maybe even the lovely Ms. March, are nearly forgotten to history, but once upon a time in the summer of 1994, she was the hottest goddamn thing in the world.

This movie is an oddity. It may well hold the record for the most graphic nudity that was allowed an R rating. There are actually a few shots of bush; I can’t remember the last time I saw that in an R-rated movie. It has a sex scene montage, an art that’s definitely been lost. She’s shot in soft focus when she first arrives, (despite that the young Jane March was nearly flawless), another odd throwback. It’s like what a classical director of the 50’s and 60’s might come up with if he was talked with making something modern and dirty.

And why yes, that is Bruce Willis she’s having sex with, lest you think this is just some top-shelf porn. 1994 was a good year to be Bruce Willis.

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Sonoya Mizuno nude in Ex Machina

That is one sexy robot.

Her character in this film is strangely attractive, despite the fact that she never once speaks or smiles. It’s odd. She doesn’t stare either, she just kind of… looks. You never know what she’s thinking, or how much she’s aware of the situation. The film continually gives us hints that she is aware, but never comes right out and says it. Awesome movie, by the way. You should see it twice.

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