Maria Palm topless in The Model

The Model is a movie about… a model. It stars real life model Maria Palm, in her first movie role, as a young woman from Denmark who goes to Paris to make it big.

Maria Palm, pretty as she is when she’s in makeup, is clearly out of her depth as an actress. Worse, the camera tends to linger on her when she has nothing to do, something even veteran actors can have trouble with. Despite that, though, it’s actually not a terrible movie. I couldn’t call it a good movie, but it has high production value, and the other actors are such professionals that it’s not the disaster it could have been. Ed Skrein (you may know him as Francis in Deadpool) is very good; in fact he’s far too good an actor for this movie.

Ms. Palm appears topless a handful of times, including an oddly recurring shower scene, however there’s no slam dunk nude scene.